Health Must be a Priority

Health is something that is extremely important and it must be our priority to maintain our wellbeing and perfect health, but unfortunately the lifestyle and habits of most of us lead us somewhere very far away from obtaining good health, being healthy is a wider phenomenon than most of think, health is effected by both physical and mental condition of ours and to achieve a right balance in both we need to lead a life in such a way that it complements our health and increases our sustainability.

Achieving what would one say a perfect health is very difficult because one has to limit himself on a number of things, keep himself away from a few and make some rules and principles and be strict about following them. The health care centers or experts are not scientists that they invent new things to make you healthy and happy, they just inform you about what your mind and body requires and what and how you must do to achieve it. The most core concept of health is sometimes mistaken by many people and they think that just hitting the gym would provide them health and they would be leading a healthy life, health is much related to physical, mental, psychological and your social wellbeing, all of these must be fulfilled or at least satisfied to a level to provide you the perfect health.

main_home1_770x350There are many articles and even books written on just the topic of health, some would give detailed guidelines and give daily tips which if you incorporate in your routine would provide you with better health others would let you know about the principles and rules, what to do and what not to do, what you need to have and what you need to avoid in order to be on the right track towards health, but what you must understand is that all these books, trainers and experts cannot help you if you are unfamiliar with what health actually is and what your body and mind requires for its health and wellbeing.

Health is not a physical object that you might attain by workout or lifting weights, yes working out plays a huge part in keeping your body in shape and making it look healthy, but you also have to feed your mind with all the healthy substance for it to become a healthy brain, your diet, sleep time and duration and your entire routine, everything you do the entire day counts along with working out a bit.

If you consult a health expert you will realize that whatever their diet, workout or routine instructions are they always look to find the right balance between everything which include you eating, sleeping, physical, social and mental activities. Along with these alcohol consumption is something you really need to be in control of if you are seeking the perfect health, people who have the best routines and balanced diet programs which lead to better health never consume much alcohol.


Right Balance of Everything Leads You to Better Health

Health is all about finding the right balance between diet, workout physical and social activities, health is a resource which is well within your control, unless one is suffering from a condition or a disease, that is a different thing but health of your body and mind is controllable and it is shaped up by what you do. Health is the biggest gift from mother nature and with you being in control of it for the most part is another blessing, but unfortunately most of us ignore this blessing and in pursuit of things which do not last longer we sacrifice our physical and mental health which makes everything feel secondary, what good is a million dollar if you cant walk around on your own, and not because of you have suffered from a natural disease or condition, may be because you have always lead an unhealthy life style and now the doctors have strictly recommended you against eating all the thing you like, if you had maintained a balance then you wouldn’t have faced this situation ever.

If you have ever been in contact with a health expert of people who are really particular about their health and take care of everything that would have an impact on their health you will realize one thing which is common among the most and that is that they never go crazy doing one thing or consume excess of anything, even excessive exercise would harm your health, mental and physical both, similarly sleeping on time and for a suitable duration of time which is mostly between 6 to 8 hours is recommended but excess of sleeping turns harmful to your health, and along with excessive eating, getting extra hours of sleep is another reason behind obesity and weight gain issues.

If you list up the things that have a direct impact on your physical and mental then it would be:
1. Diet
2. Exercise
3. Routine
4. Emotions
5. Social involvement

If you somehow find the right balance between all these things then there would nothing stopping you from achieving a better health and subsequently a really healthy and happy life, health plays a huge part in you being happy, health is happiness and happiness is health. Diet, Exercise and routine is something which is very common and every health care expert or any trainer would tell you how important it is to be in charge of your eating habits and your exercise routine, but along with these emotions and social involvement have an impact on your mental health, and only a healthy mind will nurture a healthy body, your mind controls your body and whatever your mind goes through emotionally it will surely have an impact on how you look and what your body goes through, so it is advised to be in control of the emotions that you feed to your heart and your brain to be on a journey towards perfect or better health.